Endovenous Laser Treatment otherwise known as EVLT, provides a proven, minimally invasive alternative that allows patients to return to their everyday lives immediately after having the procedure done. The procedure involves introducing a laser under ultrasound guidance that is activated inside and along the length of the faulty, varicose vein. The laser energy transmits heat to the vein walls, shrinking them closed so that blood can no longer flow through. There are many veins in the leg and after treatment the blood in the faulty veins will be diverted to normal or healthy veins with functional valves. The resulting increase in circulation will significantly relieve symptoms and improve appearance. EVLT, like all minimally invasive procedures, can potentially have some slight bruising, which commonly disappears within the first few weeks. Clinical data with up to 5 years of follow-up show success rates of 93-98%. This is much higher than surgical ligation and stripping. Based on its superior efficacy and lower morbidity, endovenous laser treatment is becoming the new “gold standard” for varicose vein management of lower extremities. For more information visit www.EVLT.com

Ask a physician if EVLT is the right procedure for you.